chatterbird is a Nashville-based chamber music ensemble. A 501(c)3 non-profit organization, chatterbird was founded in 2014 with a mission to explore alternative instrumentation and stylistic diversity in order to create thoughtful and inventive musical experiences.  

Chatterbird performs uniquely orchestrated chamber music in an effort to develop new audiences, share the work of up-and-coming composers, and support the local arts scene. We explore alternative instrumentation, stylistic diversity, interdisciplinary collaboration, and celebrate friendly, accessible concert settings. A chatterbird concert experience will surprise you - in addition to the clarinet, cello, or flute you might expect, you'll hear noisemakers, amplified tables, voices, zithers, bird songs, and electric mandolin. 

Current season programming highlights include a newly-commissioned work from Nashville-based composer and technologist Robbie Lynn Hunsinger; a collaborative, community-focused archival film project with the Nashville Public Library and Metro Archives, featuring improvised ensemble accompaniment to historic, Nashville-focused archival films; a concert devoted to our newly-minted Composer-in-Residence, Wu Fei; and a residency with Sō Percussion member Jason Treuting, featuring chatterbird's reimagining of his suite, Amid the Noise.

This year, we've built community partnerships with the Nashville Public Library, Metro Archives, Vanderbilt University, Music for Seniors, and Girls Inc. with the YWCA. With partners, we feature collaborative free performances, Q&A sessions, and interactive workshops.