Joshua Dent


Joshua Dent, Cello

Joshua Dent began playing cello at the age of fourteen in Kissimmee, Florida. Two years later they began learning improvisation and exploring genres outside of the classical umbrella of music. Towards the end of their studies at Florida State University, they decided it was best to pursue music by learning in the professional world in different ways. Since then, they moved to Nashville, Tennessee where they currently reside. Their career is always changing; currently, their work ranges from playing in chamber music groups, vaudeville style bands, rock groups, and jazz ensembles, to playing with singers/songwriters, recording for studio sessions, and teaching improvisation workshops for cello studies around the country. Currently they are an artist in residence with abrasiveMedia, principal cellist for Strings of Saturn, and active member of chatterbird since its beginning. Spending much of the year away from their home, Joshua frequently travels around the U.S. are Europe playing music and collaborating with artists of other mediums such as painters, dancers, writers, and actors.

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