Alicia Enstrom


Alicia Enstrom, Violin

Alicia Enstrom is a core violinist for chatterbird and also serves as Artistic Director for ALIAS Chamber Ensemble. She toured the world for nearly ten years as the solo violinist/electric violinist for two Cirque du Soleil’s shows and was the lead violinist/fiddler, vocalist, pianist, and dancer with the International Violin Show, Barrage. In addition, she was invited on fellowship to the Tanglewood Music Center and served as concertmaster for both a chamber and a conductorless orchestra concert. In 2015, Alicia released her first album, The Monster Speaks. She is currently releasing monthly, A monstEr ROARS, her new music collection with art visuals, collaborating with artists from around the globe. She performs this material solo via looping pedals, and sometimes on a hoop. In Nashville, Alicia is privileged to play with various entities for commercial recordings. She subs with the Nashville Symphony, and performs with Intersection and the Chris Walters Jazz Quintet. Alicia, a magna cum laude graduate of Vanderbilt, is originally from Kansas.

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