Alex T. Leach

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Alex T. Leach, Electronics

Alex T. Leach is an electronic musician, composer, and sound/visual artist from Nashville. His classical experience began with studying classical vocal performance and music history before switching to pursue the business and production side of things. During his studies, a lengthy bout of mononucleosis caused him to take a hiatus from classes and social life. It was during this period of healing that he wrote and recorded a majority of his style-defining ambient works. He first began to showcase this style by writing and performing alongside frequent collaborator and fellow chatterbirder, Jesse Strauss. Wielding his classical background and tools typically used by live DJs, Alex aims to explore the worlds between dance floors and concert halls. He draws musical (and philosophical) influence from contemporary composers such as Holly Herndon, Julianna Barwick, Oneohtrix Point Never, Tim Hecker, and William Basinski.

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