Mara Miller


Mara Miller

Mara Miller is a flutist and creative based in Nashville, TN.  She received her bachelor's degree in flute performance at Middle Tennessee State University with Dr. Deanna Little and then made her home for two years in Cedar Falls, Iowa as she pursued a master of music degree in performance at the University of Northern Iowa with Dr. Angeleita Floyd. Shortly following, Mara studied modern flute music while attending the inaugural, semester-long studio program of Robert Dick in New York City (2015)

Mara enjoys a variety of art forms in addition to flute, including voice, and writing, and photography. She serves as the Alto Section Representative of Sonus Choir, a Nashville-based acapella choir with a focus on performing the works of modern and living composers. She is also a contributing writer for The Flute View Magazine, where she tackles culturally relevant topics in the flute community such as diversity, the #MeToo Movement, and the use of flute in mainstream music. 

Mara currently works in the PR & Marketing department at Naxos of America and is thrilled to join the chatterbird Board of Directors!

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