chatterbird performs Awake, Awake, by David Kirkland Garner. Featuring soprano, alto flute, banjo, electric guitar, pedal steel guitar, and cello. Recorded 11/19/15 in concert at CLUB ROAR:

chatterbird performs Life is (_______), by Jason Treuting. Featuring piccolo, toy piano, mandolin, and small percussion. Recorded 11/19/15 in concert at CLUB ROAR:

chatterbird performs Taking Up Serpents, by Paula Van Goes. Featuring saxophone and tambourine. Recorded live in concert at CLUB ROAR, 11/19/15:

chatterbird performs Bryan Clark’s Lazier Faire at TEDxNashville 2015:

Live recording of But I Voted for Shirley Chisholm, by Ted Hearne. Recorded 5/30/15 in concert at abrasiveMedia: